The White Horse

We're happy to announce that our coffee is now served at The White Horse in Marbledale. Locals already know how reliably excellent this place is. It has been named Connecticut's Best Pub four years in a row. Try our new 'White Horse blend' (or the signature house decaf) with one of their fine desserts!

Fall season in the air means...

We were sad to see CT Table and Main Street Grill become history this summer. Zero Prophet Coffee continues to be sold at The Smithy and the Washington Food Market, and stay posted, because we're looking forward to providing you with freshly roasted coffee beans at the New Morning Market in Woodbury as well, beginning at some point this Fall!

If you like espresso that's lively and can stand up to the milk and sugar treatment, you might try our new "northern italian espresso" blend. Back in the house is the ever-popular Peru La Florida, and a complex, full-bodied Bali Blue Moon. There will be more new coffees listed soon, such as an intriguing Organic Sumatran Mandheling Sipangan Bolon.


We've upgraded to a larger, ten-lb. capacity Diedrich. Although everything else remains as rustic as can be, we are now able to create larger batches of Steep Rock, Romford, Torrefazione Washington, and the other coffees that you'll find listed here

Thanks to New CT Farmer Alliance for bringing the coffee to more folks this month and next, and to the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest and the Washington Supply Co. for doing the same back in October. We are looking forward to pairing up with Plum Brook Chocolate at The Smithy again next January for a tasting (probably from 1-3pm on Saturday the 14th; stay posted!).

Happy Thanksgiving & don't skimp on coffee! 


night shift

Zero Prophet Coffee is now ready to sell coffee in local stores! As this is happening, Night Shift Brewing is creating a Bean Porter with our coffee. Huge thanks to Joe Mashburn and his cohorts at Night Shift. We'll put a photo or two of their work in progress on this website, and the product is a grand thing to look forward to. If you're in the Boston area, you should check them out. Meanwhile, check back here for updates on where to find Romford Roast and other ZPC beans.