Zero Prophet Coffee LLC


Zero Prophet Coffee is a micro-roaster in Washington CT, providing coffee to friends since ’07, established as an LLC & wholesaler in 2009, and in the marketplace since 2014. Our mission is to elevate your experience of coffee to the highest level, and keep it there. Our part in that is the roast. We find the best coffees available and experiment until we've found the optimum roast for each bean. We believe in variety and regularly experiment with new beans, by choice and out of necessity because of harvest cycles. Roasting to order in small batches ensures that we provide an exceptional, fresh product that reflects our passion for coffee.

All our coffee is shade-grown and fair-trade, organic, rain-forest, bird-friendly, or otherwise certified to be ethically farmed and sold to support the communities that bring you the best coffee possible. In addition to Vienna coffee-house style, we're influenced by copious espresso drinking in Italy, and by such stateside standards as Peet's. We did a summer job gig at Porto Rico Coffee on Bleecker Street back in the 80s and otherwise dropped so much $ over the years on micro and macro-roasters alike that the time finally came for some measure of self-control. This is it! 

What about the name, Zero Prophet Coffee? What does it mean? In part, it means that we don’t prioritize the profit motive, though we’re hardly averse to it (we need to sustain our business). It means that we believe in donating to good causes. And it reflects our core belief that creativity transcends practical constraints. The constant need to re-create the good gives our life meaning; a daily errand, coffee roasting, embodies an ideal.

We're proud that our coffee is served at Hidden Valley Eatery in Washington, Community Table in Washington, and Frank, in Kent.

Where our coffee may be purchased:

New Morning Market in Woodbury, CT

The Smithy in New Preston, CT

The Washington Food Market in Washington, CT

Hidden Valley Eatery in Washington, CT

Frank in Kent, CT

and online, here.

Organizations we support/have supported: Rumsey Hall School; Refugee Aid Serbia; The Gunnery; St. John's; The Goshen Garden ClubSteep Rock AssociationFlanders Nature Center; The Oliver Wolcott Library; The Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens; Fundacion Perros sin Nombre.

We are grateful to Night Shift Brewing for creating their original Bean Porter with ZPC beans; Plum Brook Chocolate for creating classic coffee-infused and coffee-dusted chocolates w/Zero Prophet Coffee; Bees Knees Ice Pops for making terrific seasonal coffee pops; and Litchfield Distillery, where coffee bourbon is made with a specially selected blend.

Notes on roasting

Each single varietal is roasted to order, and to the level that best suits the bean.

Vienna roast, typically just into second crack and equivalent to northern Italian espresso, is our preferred house style. 

From lightest to darkest, these are the roast levels you will see in our list of coffees: light-->medium-->dark/Vienna (northern italian espresso)-->French (espresso napolitano).

Our coffee descriptions include notes about which coffee-making method best suits the blend or single-origin coffee. In addition to foundation blends, we create seasonal blends according to inspiration, reflecting the particular character of whatever is in the house, and to match the needs of our customers.

If interested in developing a blend for wholesale purchase, we welcome inquiries by email to 


All our coffee is Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance certified, Bird-Friendly, or Direct Trade/Farm Gate (these coffees come from farms that are too small to be certified but which have been visited and fully vetted by the importer). ZPC gets its green beans from Royal Coffee New York, Genuine Origin, and The Coffee Shrub. There is a lot of information on the coffees ZPC roasts at those websites, and we welcome emailed inquiries about any of our beans. Note that our decaf is Mountain Water-Processed, a chemical-free method that results in a low-acid, delicious coffee. 

Thanks to Jake Snyder @redskiesphotography, Brian Lillie, Jason Wallengren @mashtuncreative, Naomi Sobelson, Clay Andres, Michael Benson, and Adam Riess for photos on this website.