“You make Boom! coffee.” - Itamar Kubovy, Pilobolus

By far my favorite of all small batch roasters… Whenever I travel anywhere, my “souvenir” is always a local small batch coffee if I can find it.  Out of all of my travels, both in the states and abroad, I have not had better.  Lucky me!  You are in my good ole state of CT so you are local! -- Lisa W.

We tasted coffee from roasters all over the world and found our favorite right here in Washington. - CT Table 

"The only thing better than growing up being surrounded by books is growing up being surrounded by coffee." - Katharine Benson, KB INC.

My wife and I actually first tasted your coffee at the Pine Leaf Cafe when it was open before, and we have never forgotten about your coffee ever since. - Daniel

"What can I say! Can’t leave without your coffee. Great web page 🙂 and the best coffee I ever tried.  Coming from a coffee country!" = Diana Gutierrez (from Colombia) 

"I've been buying great coffee beans from around LA for years and never got the desired effect during drip pour over coffee, where when you first wet the grinds it is supposed to bubble up in a really cool beautiful way. It only would sort of happen. Then when I used Nick's beans it happened for the first time!!!  The cup of coffee I've made for the last two days is especially amazing." – Sarena

Click on bold to check out Connecticut Food & Farm's Spring 2017 issue for Not Your Average Joe, a super article on Zero Prophet Coffee.

"Awesome coffee!" – Natasha and Ken Rogoff

Coffee Culture in Litchfield County – read the article here in the August 2015 Happening in the Hills

I didn't even like coffee until I tried Zero Prophet Coffee! – Carol Steer, The Smithy

“I refuse to go back to any other coffee.” – Joel Viehland, Chef

"Your coffee rocks!" – Kathy/KMR Arts

Best Connecticut Coffee? The Micro Business of an English Teacher at The Gunnery in Washington
Read the article by Jack Coraggio in the Litchfield County Times, 2.27.13 here

Simply perfect. It’s the balance… I guess you have to roast your own to get it right. – Michael Maren

i show up and reach for the bags of coffee, bang! the iron cage drops around me and suddenly there’s a crowd betting on a cage fight between me and a black bear, and when the fight’s over, the cage is lifted,  and i’m bloodied and tore up from that bear, we can sit down, watch you roast up some imported panamanian beans, but not inside your study/man cave, but now the garage to keep fumes out of house, and then we’ll sit together in the twilight enjoying a robust cup of aromatic espresso, counting our blessings, and feeling that, hey, maybe life’s not so bad after all. but then the bear breaks his chain, which nobody saw coming, and we all have to rethink our lifelong held attitudes about guns and animals, but suddenly the bear’s eyes soften, he raises his bear nose in the air, and he points a bloody claw at the espresso machine. i’ll be goddamned if that bear didn’t take a seat while nick brewed him up a cup of panamanian, and that bear, like some furry cuddly friend, sat with us watching the sun set over  sabbaday lane, sipping nick’s finest, and share a moment of communion among god’s creatures as we think to ourselves, hey, maybe life’s not so bad after all, when wouldn’t you know it, the black bear’s lover comes out of the woods and he does not look happy. even though nick offers him a cup and a chair, this angry bear is under the absurd misimpression that the black bear is having an affair with one of the humans or, it’s not exactly clear, it’s not easy to communicate with this second angry, confused bear, but we try, lili tries to explain that this is an affair all right, a COFFEE affair, innocent as the day is long, but this angry bear wants nothing to do with it and now, again, there is screaming and fighting and gunplay and bloodshed and – David O. Russell

Dieser Kaffee hat einen herrlichen Duft, man fuehlt sich in den alten Orient zurueckversetzt. Dieser Kaffee kommt aus den USA. Ein Gast brachte ihn uns als Geschenk nach Deutschland. Nun wissen wir wie koestlich ein gutgeroesteter Kaffee schmeckt! Mit herzlichen Gruessen, Halja Alder, Waging am See

Joanne and I thought we knew what coffee was until we encountered Zero Prophet.  With our first sip of Zero Prophet we became addicted to the incredible quality and taste of the coffee. At times we had to return to mass produced beans  but once you experience Zero Prophet – you can never go back – and we never will. It is great fun choosing from the vast assortment of quality beans! – Gil Rubin

I have been a big fan of your coffee for several years now.
I look forward to being able to buy it locally here in NYC.
– Arnie Himelstein

I like the Zero Prophet girl. She is my favorita! But what is this leetle dawg, Snewy? That is not coffee good manners, if you ask my opinion and I give it. I support and you count on me, by George, or my name isn’t one-eyed Apizzabird. – Clay Andres

Let me know when you are selling stock. – Barry

Bat Guano is a melody upon which the fugue of the day is built. – Edwin Matthews

the taste……so smooth and real… – Christine

I know we don’t have class, but can I have some of your coffee tomorrow?? It made me jittery all day, but I had so much energy that I played really well in field hockey and we have a big game tomorrow… – Callie Miller

…can i order more coffee? and gladly pay as it’s the finest coffee in the land…and when the bags get empty i get a little sad –- David O. Russell